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Night of the 80's Undead 2 - SequentialTart review

Another super cool review for issue two!

Reviewer Roz Young says, "The story continues to be an insanely creative and ridiculous blend of the best and worst of 80's pop culture and, well, some super gory shit." and gives the issue an 8!

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Night of the 80's Undead #2

by Roz Young

Reviews may contain information that could be considered 'spoilers'. Readers should proceed at their own risk.

Action Lab Entertainment

Writer: Jason Martin
Penciler: Bill McKay
Colorist: Jason Martin
Letterer: Dave Dwonch

Grade: 8

I just finished reading the second instalment of Jason Martin's Night of the 80's Undead and my retinas are hemorrhaging, but in a good way. The story continues to be an insanely creative and ridiculous blend of the best and worst of 80's pop culture and, well, some super gory shit. It was a messy first issue but Martin and his art partner, Bill McKay, have managed to spectacularly cover these new pages in severed limbs, broken skulls, and ferocious zombies. Martin described it as a "cocaine leg warmer fever dream," which is spot on.

When I read the first issue, I got Sarah. She's a spoiled teenager living the dream and is about to go through an experience that will change her. For the second issue, I think even in a crazy, comedic horror there's room to expand on her character. Sarah was almost indistinguishable from her similarly dressed, slutty, brunette buddy, Linda. But then Linda's face got torn off and she stumbled around as a topless zombie, which is super gross and kinda strangely beautiful. There were two panels with faceless Linda-zombie emerging from the pool that reminded me of bikini babes in TV commercials, and they were fantastic. Sarah didn't have time to deal with the loss of her friend because the action just kept coming. Taking a moment to breathe here and have a touching character moment would have really escalated this story.

Although Sarah didn't grow much as a person in this book, she was fucking badass. I love that she referenced Alien and even looked a bit like Ripley. Reading Sarah say, "Time to make the motherfucking doughnuts" while she prepared to wage war against the zombies was the highlight of my day. As the action continued, it went from house-party zombies to the slightly racist, but hilarious, reanimated Indian graveyard. I feel like this book isn't for everyone, but if you have a sense of humour and love zombies, horror, and pop culture, you'll really enjoy it.
Written: October 23, 2013
Published: October 28, 2013

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