Thursday, August 06, 2015

PRINCE-S STARthief Kickstarter live!

My Kickstarter (with artist Celor) is live!!!!
Check it out, spread the word...

An all new SCI-FI comic book BLAST from writer Jason Martin (Super Real, 80s Undead, Zombie Tramp) and artist Huseyn Celal Koc (a.k.a. Celor)! 
It’s the future and society has become enslaved by massive corporations. These corporations have in turn become warring Monarchies that have spread into the galaxy oppressing everything in their path to fuel their power. Our protagonist, the daughter to the powerful PEP-C corporation, instead of following through with her arranged marriage, rebels and wields the large resources of the monarchy to f@$# around, stir up trouble, and have a good time. 
From her own personal Starcraft carrier - stocked with a fleet of ships, mechs, and weaponry at her disposal – she slips through corporate fingers to steal and stockpile the galaxies' most lethal tech. She is PRINCE-S STARthief! 
It's Star Wars meets Tomb Raider by way of Aeon Flux!
Or you can follow the PRINCE-S STARthief tumblr HERE

This is a really cool new project I've been working on for a long while that I'd love to see come to life! As you'll see, Celor is a truly amazing artist, and his work here really takes things to another level!!!

Thanks for your support!

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