Thursday, July 19, 2018


This San Diego Comic Con I'm world debuting a new book I'm working on a Kickstarter for, SWISS ARMY WOMAN!

I'll have some oversized high gloss deluxe edition super limited preview books featuring 8 pages of the origin story, just for the show. It's written and created by me and features artwork by the fabulous Italian Humberto Ramos, Marco Maccagni (with letters by Justin Birch)!

These are pages worked up to promote an upcoming Kickstarter to fund the book... which is coming soon!

In the meantime these books are 12 pages, 8.5x11", and limited to 25 hand numbered copies.
(They will be $20ea at the show, but email me if you're interested as there may be limited copies available afterwards)

And yes, you may have seen our Ms Swiss before as the concept was part of my original Pulp Girls project, and there was a Swiss Army girl preview in the 2009 convention book, and her own preview book in 2010.

I'm super excited for this project, and as you can see Marco is killing it!
So stay tuned for the Kickstarter!

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