Tuesday, July 10, 2018

PRINCE-S STARthief stock

I've had folks looking to get copies of my PRINCE-S STARthief book, so thought I'd rundown what covers I have still available...
(Here's a link to the original Kickstarter)

The current standard edition book (for those who didn't get in on the Kickstarter) came with 9 covers:

STANDARD cover - features a new version of the Celor cover
$10 - This is the standard edition of the first issue
MARTIN variant - limited to 25 total copies / features a cover by me
$35 - super limited stock remains
BLANK variant - limited to 25 total copies / features a blank sketch cover
$25 - limited stock remains

CELOR variant - limited to 50 total copies /  features a new version of the Celor painted cover
available directly from Celor

COMIC PARADISE PLUS variant - limited to 250 / features a cover by Randy "Rantz" Kintz $20 - I have limited stock
WV POP CULTURE CON variant - limited to 250 / features a cover by Bill McKay $50 - I have super limited stock on this one - SOLD OUT

PINUP ARTIST VARIANTS - featuring super limited versions (limited to only 10 copies each!) with cover art from the pinup artists (from the Kickstarter edition of the book which featured pinups and extras)
ELSEVILLA variant - limited to 10 $35 - I have limited stock
GAYLORD variant - limited to 10* 
NINJAINK variant - limited to 10* 

* Available directly from the artists on the Gaylord and Ninjakink variants, and I have no idea if they still have any.

I also have some limited stock on a couple of the Kickstarter edition covers (I printed up limited amounts of extras in case of damages etc):

STANDARD cover - by Celor $25 - I have very limited stock
Celor painted VARIANT $50 - 1 copy left

TO ORDER please email: jasinmartin@hotmail.com

Or message me via my Facebook fan page

Please include what books you would like, and your PayPal ID (email)

Shipping will be $7 for US/domestic priority shipping - I can ship international, but please contact for rates (generally $15-25)

NOTE: A couple of these books I do not have stock, but have noted that above with links to creators who may have copies (do not try to order those from me)

Or you can also visit the store link above (but not all covers are listed in there)

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