Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Okay, since I still have books I picked up at San Diego Comic-Con I wanted to share, and I've already gone to and come back from Wizard World Chicago, what I'll be doing is featuring them under the CON SWAG title for the next short time...

The first books to feature are from my neighbor at the SDCC, David Montoya of YUME COMICS.
MOHO issue number 1 and 2 ASHCAN
Issue 1 - full size, 24 pages, black and white

Issue 2 - full size, 48 pages, black and white

David is currently selling the first two issues of the series in black and white at cons, but will release them in full color upon distribution. As an added bonus, he's taking the names of everyone who buys the early b&w versions for a tribute page in the color books.

Moho, can be summed up best in one word, imaginative. After spending the better part of a week hearing his pitch for the title, I can tell you, Dave has created a fully realized fantasy/science fiction story for this title, and it shows in the books. Reading them is like entering another world, or in this case a future Earth, where society uses technology, or the restriction of it, to control the masses. The world of Moho is one of semi-primitive tribal communities, where one family is plotting to overthrow their technologically oppressive masters.

In the first issues we get a glimpse of the story David's created, as the family struggles to keep their secret technology, the Moho (a synthetic-human weapon), safe, and in play for the rebellion's plans to challenge the technology-hoarding Xenling. Moho is filled with terms, language, creatures, technologies, and social structures all of original creation. Perfect for fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, or manga/anime, where original universes or worlds are par for the course.

The story is engrossing and moves along well. We meet and become interested in each character and their struggles. Also, David's artwork is unique and fun, plus having seen the color pages, I can tell you, they add quite a lot!

Do yourself a favor and check out Moho. You can purchase copies directly from the Yume Comics website HERE, or learn more about the book in general HERE

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