Tuesday, August 16, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Comics formula for success?

The current edition of Komic Sutra on BrokenFrontier.com caught my eye, it's a whimsical list of twelve "Things You Need To Make a Comic Great".

The full report can be found HERE, but I thought it'd be swell to check the list against my book, Super Real!

So, here we go:

1)Violence - Oh yes. This book doesn't have a "Matureness Required" on the covers for nothing. An hey, just so ya know, Tarantino's a personal creative inspiration... nuff said.
2)Boobies - Yes please, I mean, that is, we have 3 pair of these prominently featured, as well as some very chiseled man chest too (just in case).
3)Monkeys - Nobody really like monkeys in comics, or apes. I just don't get this. There damn sure aren't any apes in this book! Fuck apes in comics, that's just weird fetish shit right there...
4)Deaths - How can I answer this without spoiling anything? ...how bout YES!
5)Celebrity writers - I am neither a writer, nor a celebrity, but I'll do my best to get some washed up reality stars to pimp the book!
6)Tacos - They're just messing around on this one, but perhaps I can work in a scene or two with "tacos".
7)Religion - No, don't think so. But we will play around a touch with politics, and everyone knows that's just as combustible!
8)Parody an Existing character/team - Sort of. Oh, and wait till you see it, it's Super Real's "secret weapon"!!!
9)Family Matters - There are some themes involving family here, but not in the way they suggest...
10)Variant covers - Of course! Did I mention we have Josh Howard for issue one? And wait till you see who I'm lining up for more!!!
11)80's Properties - No thanks. The 80's are so 90's!
12)Mentors - Yes, I think. I've come up with a great little "mentor" character or two.

Now we know this isn't an actual list right? It's just for fun. For instance, important things like good writing and good artwork, are left off the list, those are assumed, I mean it's comic books, writing and art... duh.

So, how'd I score?
Well, for starters, out of 12 items, I only agree with 9, so of those 9 I hit 6, with a couple maybes thrown in there too. Not bad. Good thing it's not an actual test though, but encouraging enough to know I'm on the right track (wink)!

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