Thursday, August 18, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Kirkman shares...'s got the best comics columns on the internet, bar none.
No really.
There's the long running, and often enlightening Permanent Damage by Steven Grant.
The uber-informative Comic's Pimp that ran from progressive retailer James Sime.
Joe Casey and Matt Fraction volley questions each week.
The list goes on and on...

Well add a couple Image creators to that list, Eric Larsen, and Robert Kirkman are the latest to get their own columns on CBR.

Kirkman's column, Buy My Books, looks to give an inside look at the milieu of things that float by a prolific comic book scribe, while also highlighting why one should indeed "Buy My Books".
The latest, and second, installment shares further how Kirkman broke in, this time with Image specifically, and there are some nuggets to be found in there for new and aspiring creators. Such as:
Up and Comer Advice #2: To make it in comics you have to not suck. But if you don't suck you're really only half way there. It helps to get to know everyone you can. You never know who will be able to offer you that gig that's going to make your career, so get out there and mingle... but most of all, don't suck. It doesn't matter how many people you know if you suck.

Indeed. Seems pretty straightforward, but good advice nonetheless. For more advice, and the full column, go HERE

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