Wednesday, September 07, 2005

COMICS REVIEW: Necromancer

Necromancer is one of the new ongoing books from Top Cow, and from what I'd heard and seen I thought it looked worth checking out. Bearing in mind, there have been scores of Top Cow titles that have interested me over the years, but nothing ever really clicked. Top Cow is know for a certain house style, and a penchant for cheesecake, two things I'm not necessarily opposed to, but for whatever reason, they just haven't had anything beyond that appeal to me.

Necromancer also teams newcomer comic scribe Joshua Ortega with penciller Francis Manapul, who's work I'd noticed here and there, but mostly on Witchblade (again a book I've just never been able to get into).

So, I finally sat down with my copy of Necromancer and peeled the pages, weeks after it's release, and almost immediately I was pleasantly rewarded. I guess the bits of concept and story I'd heard about, and the artwork from Manapul were both hitting all the right buttons I'd hoped for. I was going to say especially the writing, because it really stands out - taking a mostly expository issue (similar to what I'm doing with Super Real), and making it sing - but that would be a disservice to Manapul, as I really enjoyed not just his lines, but the fabulous camera work and attention to detail.

Necromancer truly is off to a fantastic start. The climax and cliffhanger of the first issue were brutal and a whole lot of fun. I can't wait to see more from this series, and this pair of creators. Check out this book if you haven't, it's got a lot going for it, and it just may surprise folks who don't normally pick up the Cow, like it did me!
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