Monday, September 12, 2005

MEANWHILE AT THE MOVIES... It was worth the wait!

So, I absolutely loved Sin City. What a fucking movie!

It's been really hard not to buy the no frills, vanilla, lame-ass, bare bones regular edition of the DVD when it was released...
but the wait just got a lot easier.
It was announced that not only is the special edition coming out December 13th, but it's the mother of all editions, including an extended un-cut version, as well as the original theatrical release. This of course, on top of a plethora of bonus features. But the cous des gras? Every copy comes with a complete copy of the Sin City graphic novel, “The Hard Goodbye”.
Which, is too cool, cause I've never even read any of the books (just one or two singles back in the day).

For more info, go HERE

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