Monday, October 24, 2005

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Mangaverse returns

I was a big fan of the first version of Marvel's Mangaverse, being a lifelong fan of manga/anime and Marvel/comics, what's not to love? Especially with some of the creators they hand lined up, Adam Warren, Kaare Andrews, Keron Grant, to name a few...

Well word is, as seen HERE on Newsarama, Marvel Mangaverse is set to return, but this time with an actual manga artist, Tommy Ohtsuka (Slayers) teaming with write CB Cebulski (who penned one of my all time fave underappreciated books, Sidekicks, with Takeshi Miyazawa).

The article runs some character designs for the book that look pretty cool, not so much that all of them are really cool redesigns, but just diggin on the art.

Looking forward to this, come January.

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