Monday, October 10, 2005

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Comic Book Downloads, the future?

Look, I don't claim to understand the download movement in any detail, I'm just starting to occasionally buy music via sites like iTunes, but I understand that comic books are as susceptible to this practice as music, and movies, etc.

Couple this with new emerging personal digital applications like the PSP, webcomics and comic book cd-roms, and the message is clear. We're going digital, it's inevitable, and for many reasons.

Rich Johnston's long running comic industry gossip column, LYING IN THE GUTTERS (a must read), made a bid at turning into full on legitimate journalistic endeavor a while back. Rich however, put it to a vote with the readers, and the gossip slant stuck. This weeks column however, shows Rich's journalistic aspirations in earnest when he examines the digitalization of comic books, and illegal downloading of content.

It's brief, and a little informative, but mainly just raises some valid questions, and highlights the industry's (and specifically the big two) reluctance to address it to this point.

Pop on over HERE to check it out.

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