Tuesday, October 25, 2005

LOOK, IT'S ON THE WEB! - Hero Realm DVD reviews...

Hey Kidz! It's an all new TSL feature!
Look, It's On the Web is simply a new title for features on or about the www...

There are a lot of movies out there on DVD, studio movies you've heard of, indy films maybe you haven't, and a sea of B and foreign films you likely skip over. Well, there's a weekly DVD review column I've been following that helps navigate the sea of releases for buried treasure, and I'm sure there are a ton of these resources out there, but the one I use happens to be on a comic book website. HeroRealm.com's DVD reviews - HERE

What I really like about the column is it's focus more on the obscure and off-beat fair. I've seen many foreign, B-movie, and indy gems that I would have missed otherwise, because seeing a box at the video store, just doesn't tell you enough to often make you want to pick something up (or in my case, the Netflix experience doesn't even come that close). Plus, I haven't found the recommendations I go ahead and try to be lacking.

Perhaps you'll find it usefull too?

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