Saturday, October 08, 2005

Super Real notes and stuff...

Taken from my DeviantArt journal...

Hey all,

Just some notes on what's up with stuff...

Tomorrow (10/9) I'll be doing the Portland Comic Book Show. A long running smaller regional show, but I always do well and have a good time there.

I'm excited because MIKE ALLRED will be a guest, he's from Eugene, but hasn't been to the show in years, and I'm a geek for his pop-art-goodness!

Super Real issue 1 is still on target... "Stay on target. Stay on target!"... for November release, as long as Chinese boat freight can be counted on! (visions of spilled cargo containers litter my sleeping hours)

As you may have seen in the gallery, I did a last minute pin-up for a soon to be published book, I'll fill in the details once it's set in stone (but the pics kind of tell it all). Cool stuff!

CALLING ALL ARTISTS - I'm officially throwing the doors open to any and all who'd like to submit pin-ups and such of my characters. I can promise up to three things for all submissions 1) at least a spot in my website gallery 2) if I dig the piece, I can run it on my webcomic ( 3) if I really dig the piece, I'll find room for it in the print version of my book!

So, get to it!!


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