Tuesday, February 21, 2006


There’s a crisis going on in comic shops across America, and indeed the world, the big two publishers are releasing infinite spin-offs, crossovers, and variant covers to squeeze every last hard-earned dollar out of the existing fanbase. It’s up to people like me, in our tireless crusade to bring you something different, something independent, something good. This is a list of such items.
Read on, explore, and enjoy…

Folks, it's a light week, what can I say.

Previews - make sure you pick up this catalog every month, not just the months that Super Real is solicited (like the March copy in shops tommorrow)! Pre-order!!

ALIAS - Lullaby Wisdom Seeker TPB - This is a re-offer, I believe of the first run. I recently got around to this and really enjoyed it. (and Hector Sevilla, artist/co-creator, is a Super Real variant cover artist!)

IMAGE - Freshman #6 - I picked up the first few issues, but haven't read them yet. I have heard good things about this one though, so it's worth a look (and I think this is the last issue).

IMAGE - Portent #1 - I didn't sign up for this, but I've seen some solid previews, and may pick one up if it's on the rack (anyone wanna lay odds on that?).

TOKYOPOP - Battle Club Vol.1 - From the same creator as Battle Vixens, a shirt ripping, boob bouncing, fight manga. It is over the top T&A, but it's also a fun read with some amazing art, and plenty of bone crunching throw-downs, so I'd expect nothing less of this series.

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