Thursday, February 02, 2006

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Comics Economics

Over on, Steven Grant waxes about the economics of comics, or rather, how an article in Scientific American touching on "stationary state" economics can be applied to the comic book industry.
You may say wha hunh, but it makes sense, as he says, especially in today's market, but you can read all about it HERE
See really it's all pretty straightforward, simple, and logical once you dig into it...

Basically, he surmises that companies with a sustainable economic approach, one of a smaller more controlled focus, are better positioned than those with an economic growth model, such as companies like Alias, Speakeasy, Crossgen, etc.
Anyway, it all made sense to me and is in line with my perceptions about the market, so I thought I'd share...

PIPE DREAM OF THE DAY - If only the bigger companies could adopt a sustainable approach, as opposed to the oversaturation mode they're forced into to maintain corporate performance requirements.

INTERESTING SIDE NOTE - Just realized, if you look at my list above of examples for publishers with a growth model, they all announced plans for penetration outside the direct market, with little to no talk of what they intended to do, or actual results. So at least they were perhaps cognizant of the fact that the direct market couldn't support their approach, but ultimately failed in their attempts (and I realize the jury is still out on that somewhat).

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