Sunday, February 19, 2006

IN CASE U MISSED IT: New Challenges In Self-Publishing

Hey all, recently posted my panel report from WonderCon!

It's notes from the New Challenges in Self-Publishing panel featuring five prominent self-pubbers discussing the keys to their success, both starting out, and more importantly, in today's volatile direct market!

Go ahead and check that out if you have any interest in publishing, or enjoy a peek behind the curtain of our beloved industry! And be sure and leave some comments!


Javier Hernandez said...


Gee Professor, that was some great adive you shared with us. Really, I appreciate the fact that while you're on top of your game with your own self-publishing, you still seek out knowledge from your peers.

I do the same when I can, cause everyone is going to have different ideas that one hasn't tried.

For instance, you mentioned the panelists talked about getting into the libraries, and how it can be a gateway to bookstores. That's very interesting. I've spoken at a few libraries, and will sell them some comics while there. But I will definately do a good push into the libraries when I get my first trade paperback published.

Jason Martin said...

Yes, they all keyed in on libraries, and how hot they are for graphic novels. Now I just need to get enough material to collect into a trade...

Actually, just last night, my mother related a story about a family friend they'd given my book, and she'd shown it to her mother, who promptly said, "Oh he works in a manga or anime style." To which the daughter replied, "Hunh?" Turns out the mother (likely in her 60's mind you) was a librarian.

They are hip to this shit dude.