Tuesday, February 28, 2006

SUPER REAL NOTES - This one I'll tell...

This is a little piece, a pin-up I commissioned a while back from Dave Alvarez, creator of the webcomic (and briefly an Alias comic at least) Yenny. Dave is/was an animator, and I just love that animated style...


He did the full piece, lines and color, but I did some color correcting to get it more into line with the book.

You can check out his stuff HERE

The Jim Mahfood cover is still a couple weeks out. Just checked in with Jim, he's a busy busy man. Can't wait!

I also have a couple other mystery covers in the works, 1) is from a friend, that's been a long time in the works, he's finally out from under deadlines and I previewed the "color rough" here the other day 2) is a nasty new artist for Marvel that hopefully can work it into his schedule in the coming weeks and months...

Well, finally got confirmation on the Hong Kong ship date, and it's not good. Books left a week behind schedule, and the US dock date somehow slipped a full 10 days. This puts it into the distribution pipeline a lot closer to the end of the month of March as opposed to the middle.
Sorry folks.
No one is more upset with this fact than yours truly. It's just supremely frustrating to know it was done, printed, and advance copies in hand on 2/14, but I can't get it stateside for a whole month more. The downside to printing overseas. I accept full blame though, cause I took too long to get it finished up in the first place (darn seasonal job from-hell!).
It should still hit within the magic 30 day window from original solicit that Diamond requires before it's officially late.
I REALLY hate that the books even late at all, let alone just under the wire in terms of policy. Makes me really wish I hadn't solicited number three when I did, so I could ensure this didn't happen again. An 8 week turnaround from the printer really bites, I was hoping it'd be closer to 6 weeks, but that's the reality of printing overseas. If I wasn't so hung up on color, black and white would be better for the book in so many ways. Any thoughts on that? (At this point, it's the only way to get the book printed domestically, and it would be much more cost effective too.) I'm seriously considering it... (Well either that, or charging $5 an issue for color!)
It's a tough balancing act, keeping a decent schedule in the face of all the responsibilities. I'm learning. Please bear with me.
I'll just bust my hump double-time on number three...
back to the drawing table for me!

In the meantime can't wait to get issue two on the racks and get everyone's response. That's still really exciting, and coming soon! So hang in there!!
Hopefully I'll still be able to debut it at Wizard World LA on 3/17!!!!

As always, STAY TUNED,

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~j! said...

i really dug yenny when i caught it.