Friday, February 17, 2006

Super Real Variant contest!!

Hello TSL readers!

Here's the first ever Super Real contest, anyone who reads this fabulous blog can participate!

Up for grabs? How bout an advanced autographed copy of the second issue exclusive variant (the 1 in 10 website exclusive pictured on the left)?
That's right, you can get your hands on the second issue weeks before it hits shops, and it's even the limited exclusive cover version!

What's the catch? Well, you need to guess our next two variant cover artists!
We've got the super cool Josh Howard on issue 1.
Edward Pun contributed an awesome pic of Kityana for issue 2 that will hit shops next month in a 1 in 4 ratio...
and issue 3 will be solicited in the Previews catalog out next week, a fabulous piece by Lullaby's Hector Sevilla!

But what you may not know, is some of the fantastic, jaw dropping, amazing, perfect-for-the-book artists I've got lined up after that!!!

It's a bit early to spill the beans, but I'm so excited, I thought I'd see if anyone could guess who it is.
We'll start off with some harder clues and go from there.
Basically the first person to guess the two future cover artists correctly, scores the swell signed swag mentioned above! Just post your guesses right here as comments (anyone can post comments), and I'll let ya know if you're the winna!

Oh, what's that? The clues?
Okay, like I said, harder at first, and I'll help out if need be...

Artist #1, clue #1 - This artist was recently featured on TV, G4TV to be exact, oh say about 3 weeks ago...
Artist #2, clue #1 - This artist's clue can be found in the Wondercon wrap up report in TSL a couple days back, where I make mention of artist alley...

So there ya go! Fun. My first contest!!
Now kids, keep in mind, these aren't gonna be super-mega-star artists like oh say Joe Mad, or J Campbell, but they are people ya know, or have heard of, and I think really kick ass! So let's hear it!


comp_geek_us said...

Hi Jason,

1)Jim Mahfood
2)Brian Reed

Jason Martin said...

Er, nope.

Who's Brian Reed?

comp_geek_us said...

Ooops...Brian's the writer.
I meant Rob De La Torre

Jason Martin said...

"Ooops...Brian's the writer.
I meant Rob De La Torre"

not sure who he is either?
What book do they work on?

comp_geek_us said...

They did Giant Size Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman:Origin

How about

1)Greg Hildebrandt
2)Reilly Brown

Jason Martin said...

Oh, Ms Marvel, that art looked pretty cool... you're getting closer there, and you seem to know your Attack of the Show guests...


Brant W. Fowler said...

Was the G$TV one Jhonen Vasquez?
And for Marvel, man that's of the Luna brothers?

Brant W. Fowler said...

I meant G4TV. ;)

Brant W. Fowler said...

Oh wait, I change my G4TV vote to Jim MahFood.

Jason Martin said...

Okay folks, here's a little help...

There's one guess here I've never discounted...

As for The Luna Brothers, actually hopefully someday their schedule will allow, as I have approached them, but no luck there yet.

Keep em coming!

comp_geek_us said...

Hi Jason,

1)Greg Hildebrandt
2)Michael Lark

Jason Martin said...

"1)Greg Hildebrandt"

Whoops, guess I didn't say on this one, but it's a nope...

now I feel like I've been too unclear in my answers/comments, but if I specifically mentioned a name and said no, or don't know who they were, you can count them out...

"2)Michael Lark"

and no

and one I missed earlier
"2)Reilly Brown"

Don't know who that is either.

Keep guessing!

Brant W. Fowler said...

Jim Mahfood
Pasqual Ferry?

Brant W. Fowler said...

Or Jim Mahfood and Mitch BreitWeiser?

Jason Martin said...

Okay, so a little more help

Artist 1 - The first clue was a recent appearance on The next clue, they will be appearing at Wizard World LA at the Golden Apple booth.

Artist 2 - The first clue was in the WonderCon wrap-up, an artist that was in artist alley, "a certain newcomer with a recent impressive debut over at Marvel"

The new clue, this artist's book was featured recently on TSL in the COMICS REVIEW!

Stay tuned for more clues if necessary... but I bet that'll do it!

Jason Martin said...

Oh btw, Brant,

"Pasqual Ferry?
Mitch BreitWeiser?"

Nope, and no.
I dig some Pasqual Ferry though!

comp_geek_us said...

Jim Mahfood
Khari Evans

Brant W. Fowler said...

Dang, that was my next guess.

Jason Martin said...

Okay folks, WE HAVE A WINNER!

It was a heated horse race, with two thoroughbreds neck and neck the whole way, but comp_geek_us nosed out a win over gonzogoose!

I think I made the clues too easy, since Shayne had it half right off the bat, either that, or he's a big Attack of the Show fan like me!

Anyway, yes JIM MAHFOOD and KHARI EVANS are the two folks I've got lined up. Now I hope this ol contest doesn't jinx anything, because I don't have artwork in hand, but these fine gentlemen have agreed to work with me. Thus, any official announcement will be reserved until lines are uploaded and such.

I hope to have Jim's piece soon, and I think he's a perfect fit for the book stylistically. I've been a big fan of his since the Generation X special, and GRRL Scouts!

And Khari. Wow! My man blew me away when I started seeing peeks on Daughters of the Dragon! He's got a slick style right to my taste, and has some really detailed linework. Delicious stuff. So look forward to working with him.

Okay, thanks for playing!
The lucky winner will hear from me soon regarding arrangement of prize delivery!


Anonymous said...

Hey J keep the mind benders up there great!
:) thx later Ya'll