Tuesday, March 07, 2006


There's a crisis going on in comic shops across America, and indeed the world, the big two publishers are releasing infinite spin-offs, crossovers, and variant covers to squeeze every last hard-earned dollar out of the existing fanbase. It's up to people like me, in our tireless crusade to bring you something different, something independent, something good. This is a list of such items.
Read on, explore, and enjoy!

Bomb Queen #2 - It embraces and plays with the edge, and has lots of fun along the way. Not nearly as superficial as it appears, issue one was a solid read. Check this one out.

Hysteria: One Man Gang #1 - Mike Hawthorne's a great artist. He oozes storytelling off every page, and every shot he renders. I'm looking forward to this one.

Invincible #29

Socom: Seal Team 7 OGN - This looks like a good action flick through a comic book lens. I'll be at least peeking at this one if I can... (seems like I signed up for it though, back when it was solicited through AIT).

Dorothy #5 - I was neighbors with them at the recent Wondercon, and I was literally blown-away by the photo-artwork in the current issues! This is a lush visual treat, well worth the price of admission!

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