Thursday, March 23, 2006

I SAW IT ON TV: Roundup 3/23

Time to check in with the boob tube...

Speaking of boobs...

Hooray!!! Chicken Little is dead!
In perhaps the most surprising American Idol results conclusion yet, the much maligned contestant best known as Chicken Little finally got what was coming to him, the ax!
If only they'd have pulled a real stunner and had the sky fall on him and Bucky...
(Yes, I'm ashamed, but it's true, I'm watching Idol this time... and enjoying it! Go ahead, let me have it!)

Next up
Lost returns

Not a bad little episode, Sun's got more secrets, and the mystery man in tha hatch may just be an "other", or he may not, guess we'll have to tune in next week.

Big Love
Finally caught the first episode of the new HBO paligamy series with Bill Paxton on-demand this week. It was interesting, but not enough. We won't be back for more.

Amazing Race
Amazing Race 9 equals number 1 for me - as in the first time I've watched.
I'd caught bits of it before, and was intrigued, but never the first episode, and since this show really hits the ground running (literally), it took catching it from the start to get into it. Fun stuff.

The Real World
This looks like one of the better seasons, from the cast with some real standouts, to the location, and the weather. I've missed the last 2 weeks, but hope to catch up today.

This had an interesting cast, a great director behind it (Doug Liman - Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Bourne Identity, Swingers, etc), and an interesting premise - one big heist planned and executed throughout the season, with the thieves and the cops out to get them as the focus.

The first episode last night (reruns on Friday) lived up to most of the promise, but at times the dialogue came off a bit too zingy (either overwritten, or under-acted).
I look forward to more.
Give this one a shot.

Surreal Life 6
This show is hit or miss, when the chemistry is right, as this season appears to be, it's quite entertaining. How can you go wrong with Sherman Hemsley (Mr. Jefferson) and Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady) sharing space with burnt out rockers, playmates, and hollywood transgenders?
The reality-tv stud pageant selection was a nice touch for the final cast member selection (with Real World's Ace and AI's Paula-humper coming up short as usual).

And last...
Battlestar Frakin Galactica baby!

I'm a little late to talk about the season 2 finale, but wow!
They really flipped the script (I'm not 100% on board with the direction, but will certainly give them the benefit of the doubt here, if nothing else it's ballsy), and left us with a big cliffhanger.
The bad thing? Frakin' October for season 3?!?
Fuck, er, I mean... no, I mean FUCK!
Good television, sci-fi or in any genre, it's just that good.


Cary said...

i so totally missed the BSG finale so i will have to suffer till they put it out on dvd. it sucks, but i missed about 3/4 of season 2 being offshore, so i will get to see the whole thing at once which has its advantages. at least it's good to know it was good!

Jason Berek-Lewis said...

I haven't even seen any of BSG Season 2! None of it has been shown on Australian TV yet! I will have to wait for the DVD.

In other news, I am interviewing Nigel Raynor and Greg Pak, the creative team on the BSG comic, for Broken Frontier!

Jason Martin said...


Yeah, I'd really like to re-view the season's in larger chunks, there's so much going on.

So perhaps I can do that during the six month hiatus...


Does that mean it does show on tv at all down under, or do you have to scoop it up on DVD's only?

And can't wait for the BSG comic interview, that's a big one for you my friend.
I've still yet to see any of the interior artwork on that series...
I'm very curious.