Friday, March 31, 2006

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Larsen shares the secret to...

Ah yes, Eric Larsen tells it like it is, but always with the wisdom of his experiences, the class he carries with him, and the candid humor that gives it that little something extra.

Case-in-point? His latest ONE FAN'S OPINION over on
This time he tackles BREAKING IN TO COMICS

Here are the highlights from the column for me:

Maybe you suck and maybe you don't have it in you and maybe you'll find out that you don't have it in you, but you'll be glad that you gave this a shot because you'd always wonder, right?

This is the main thing for me, get out there and do it, because nothing's worse than regretting what you DIDN'T do...

And there's a whole network of guys that work on amateur comics. Guys who post on the net and contact each other and mail fanzines back and forth. These guys are learning their trade. And some will make it and some won't. But they're all trying. And the important thing here is to try. To make the effort. To get off your ass. To do something.

You can do it.

If you want to make it in the funnybook field you should do it.

And when you're all done...think about me.

But do me a favor, okay? Don't send it to me. Lord knows I don't want to look at your wretched shit.

Check out the full column HERE

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