Thursday, March 09, 2006

SUPER REAL NOTES - Want to be published?

Okay, I know how I recently had my first work published...
Super Real #1?
Well yeah, sorta, but the same week issue one hit, so did Dead@17 Rough Cut number 3, and well, I had a pin-up in that book. The first thing published of mine, in this case by someone other than me. It was pretty cool, and I know there are plenty of other artists out there waiting to get their break, or foot (or toe even) in the door...

That's why when I started the book I'd always planned to include at least one pin-up per issue. Thing is, I wanted it to be special. I'd thought up different approaches, unique themes, wild fantasies of luminary talents contributing, but I settled into a different approach (maybe if I'm lucky, I can get to these other ideas too). Now when I say settle, I don't mean compromise, I mean nestle gently into an idea that fits perfectly, like an old baseball glove...
Okay enough with the flowery prose...
I chose to feature an unpublished artist each issue. Now, I don't profess to be the only one to do this, heck, most books likely feature mainly unpublished talent on pin-ups. I just made it my direction.
Initially, it was to fit the center "pull-out" section of the book. You see I say it fit perfectly, because I'd already decided to have rising and indy talent provide the variant cover each issue, and run that variant art as a center 2-page poster in every copy of the book. Along with an interview with the artist. Covering three of the four center pages of the book. The pin-up-and-coming artist was to fill the fourth page (the backside of the poster).

Well, wouldn't you know it, reality got in the way (no pun intended), and I was short on ad space for issue one and two, and the pin-up-and-coming artists got shuffled off to the editorial page, in an embarrassingly small postage stamp sized feature (sorry fellas, I'll make it up to ya). So, with issue three I've vowed to change that. The pin-up-and-coming artist is back to page four of the center section, a full page! How do I know I'll have space? Because I just told the world...

Check out the new CONTEST PAGE on the website for details if you haven't, but I've got an open call to any and all upcoming talents striving to break into the biz... Give me your pencils, your inks, give me your Photoshopped masterpieces, and I'll give you a printed page in a comic book. Your very own pin-up in my fine publication! Your very own opportunity to ride.

So there you have it.
Sure, I could keep filling the page with cool folks I meet at cons, but I thought I'd step it up for issue 3, shake some trees, beat the bushes, what the hell. You never know what might fall out.

Now don't let me down!

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