Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DeviantArt update - Issue 3 page 5

For all those out there anxiously awaiting the third issue of Super Real (like me!), I've neglected to link to the pages of artwork as I've uploaded them to DeviantArt.com lately.

So this week, I'll add a page a day...

This is the reworked page 5.

It's our first enhancement sequence, with Holly (aka participant number 1).

I leave out the text and script, so as not to spoil the book!
You can view the page at full size on DA HERE



Javier Hernandez said...

Dude Man, yer design/graphic sensibilities are getting more electrifying every time! Good for you, sir. You continue to be an inspiration.

Good luck in Philly!

Jason Martin said...

Thank you sir!

Wish you were there!
No, really!!