Thursday, May 18, 2006

I SAW IT ON TV: 50 million people can't be wrong!

Last night was big for TV, it's the end of the season for most everything, and some of my favorite reality shows are finishing up.

Sunday was the fun finale to Survivor, with Terry the dominator getting screwed out of his million by the flip flopping Danielle (though, to be honest, she had the unenviable position of being the decider on who got to be in the final two, and the fact that she did indeed renig her word on Terry, who would've won handily, has to be some heavy guilt trip since she lost handily to Aras anyway)...

Any way, last night we had 3 primo shows competing all in the same 9-10 o'clock block

First was the Amazing Race finale, the show I chose to watch, since it ran 2 hours and everything else 1.
Those lovable hippies won... TTOW indeed!!
Loved that it came down to brains, where so much of the emphasis of the show is on strength and luck, it was nice to see a competition that gave a team an actual edge.
Gotta say, I really enjoyed my first watch of this show, it was really entertaining!

The second show was Lost, and since we have our new DVR, we decided to record this one, even though the last couple weeks have been really great... What's up with Michael? And you gotta love Mr Echo and the new hatch...

The final show of course was AI, American Idol.
It was a results show, and we never watch those (mainly cuz they're always on the same time as LOST or something else). Turns out over 50 million voted and the numbers were a virtual dead heat, the end result however, was still what everyone expected, Elliot Yamin got the hook. He was, I thought, the best singer, but no surprise as he didn't have much else goin for him.

Now it's down to Taylor and Katharine, the goof vs the girl. Perhaps the producers can have a surprise twist ending and make them compete challenge-style to keep things really interesting. I suspect though, there'll just be lots of singing... with Katharine belting out her odd rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow in victory, while Taylor makes that trademark heavy-browed stern/confused look of his.

Yes that's right folks, TSL is predicting McPhee-vor will grip the nation!!

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