Monday, May 29, 2006


Memorial Day weekend in Porltand Oregon = RAIN!!!
So what's to do = MOVIES!!

We did a double feature Saturday at the local megaplex, our first movie at the theater since King Kong I think...
First we took in X-Men: The Last Stand - my pick
Then we saw The Da Vinci Code - my wife's pick

They were both good, but I naturally enjoyed X-Men more.

I thought overall, X3 may have been the best of the series, from an excitement standpoint, but it was lacking in the emotion and care of the previous Singer outings. However, as a third in the series, I think dropping the character driven elements is fine.

As with most comic book movies I'm conflicted though. As much as I enjoyed the movie, and thought a lot of it worked, there were many elements that dissapointed a bit...
Mainly, as much as the Phoenix storyline was fun to see, I'd rather it was more focused or true to the source in some regard. Not so much specific plot points, but the overall arc of the character from the comics would've been nice to see.
Also, like many others, I thought showing the Sentinels as a Danger Room sequence, with only a severed robo-head visible, while also fun, was really cheap. Not having the Danger Room in the previous films was a terrible mis-step, but to compound the sequence with a Days of Future Past scenario, and Sentinels, was a huge waste.
As with The Dark Phoenix saga, these were elements that desrve more than the brief lip service they're given...

So, if we were really only going to ever get this one last X-Men film, okay, they gave us everything, and a fun watch at that, but if there will be more movies... and based on the record box office, who doesn't think there will?... they wasted a ton of source material.

As for Da Vinci, it was good (I haven't read the book), but not something you need to see on the big screen.

The winner?
X-Men: The Last Stand

It's a lot of fun, just keep your comics knowledge on check and enjoy it for what it is!


Anonymous said...

Joel from

I loved X3!!! As far butchering the source material, the first two already did a fine job of that themselves, especially everyone's beloved X2. All this "Phoenix just stands around and is nothing more than Magneto's goon".. Ladydeathstryke or Mastermind anyone? She didn't even speak and for all the "Juggernaut's not a mutant", neither was she. I got over that crap in the first two and the scene where Phoenix does her thing on Prof.X.. how can anyone say there's no emotion in this movie? There's a lot of subtle emotion too like when Beast looks at his "normal" hand.

I think Ratner deserves some props. Definately his finest moment. Nice to see he's a visual and emotional director too. There IS more to him than Rush Hour.

Btw, Congratulations to your friend on his El Muerto movie!! FEZ!!!

Jason Martin said...

Hey Joel!

Yeah, there was a lot of subtle emotion, and I did really enjoy the flick.

I think you were more railing on the general negative talk about the film, not my comments...

Cuz sounds like you're in agreement with me.
I never understood why anyone, let alone everyone, generally seemed to hold X2 in higher regard than the original either.

I heard Fox is still saying, in light of the box office, that the franchise is going spin off and not sequel, which seems to make sense, all the more steam for their spin offs to build on, but they mentioned the often talked of Wolverine, and a Magneto film.
Magneto? the movie?? Say what?!

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I totally agree with what you said on the Shitlist prior to you seeing X3. And after they destroyed Wolverine's backstory in X2, which I'm surprised didn't create lots of bitching and moaning itself.. what are they gonna make a Wolverine movie about? They've already screwed up Lady Deathstryke and ruined the Weapon X program and haven't the first two movies really only focused on Wolverine and Magneto anyway?

X3 definately had more character balance but Cyclops still gets shortchanged.

Aside from people who were predisposed Ratner haters and/or bitchy fanboys, who all complained about the first two until Singer left (now they're brilliant of course), seems like everyone really likes this one, most saying it's the best. I agree. It has the action and fullness the others lacked. X2 left me feeling kind of empty for some reason. Like nothing actually happened in it.


Javier Hernandez said...

Hey Joel, thanks for the props bout Muerto....

But enough self-promotion...onto X-Men 3!

I loved it! Best of the bunch. Tons of action, Dark Phoenix, Angel, Beast.... Mutant vs. Mutant!!

Since I haven't read any X comics in, what 15 ,20 yrs, I don't have a real close connection to the characters. Sure, I have very fond memories of the Lee/Kirby stuff, and the Claremont/Byrne stuff, but I don't worry about an X- movie being faithful to any 'continuity', to be honest. I'm comfortable to see a film as a 'civilian' and just hope I get taken for a thrilling ride.

Sure, the Phoenix story wasn't the same as the comic (and I have no idea, nor do I care, how many times they've brought her back and killed her in the last 20 yrs.). And I have zero interest in any current storylines. But the film was exctiting, lots of bold moves (deaths, depowerings, etc). Stuff that seemed to me to be logical in terms of the story (Magneto dumping Mystique after turning human and Mystique spiling the beans on him!).

And Beast jumping down from the sky (Gil Kane style!!) was too cool!

But I agree, the Sentinel 'head shot' was way too 'low-budget'! The 'Days of Future Past' scenario gave me slight vapor lock though! Very cool tease....

I watched X and X2 over the weekend and came to the conclusion that X 1 is too dang slow. X2 was really balls-to-the-wall, but X3 really topped em all, in my humble opinio.....