Friday, May 19, 2006

SUPER REAL NOTES - Attack of the Cons!

Yep, after a bit of a lull, con season picks up again for me now...

This weekend, Sunday May 21st, I'll be a guest at the 3rd annual Eugene Comic Book Show in Eugene Oregon.
It's a smaller show, but the attendence sales go to charity, and I had fun the first year (didn't make it last year). Comic Book Trivia - Eugene is actually home to comic book superstar artist/creator (and personal fave) Mike Allred!

Only two weeks from today is Wizard World Philadelphia!!
That's right, I haven't talked much about it, but I recently signed up for my first ever East Coast show!!! I'll be making the red eye overnight trek to the land of the Liberty Bell arriving the AM of June 2nd, to throw down some Super Real, Philly-style! Not only will I have issues 1 and 2, and be doing sketches in the artist alley, I'll also debut the all new Super Real 2006 sketchbook volume 2!
All but 2 of the 50 copy first volume have sold, so I needed another book for the rest of con season, so I did up a mostly new volume (also with some of the best from volume 1 and 2005)!!
It of course will be available from the website too, and you can even preorder now if you like, the books will be 25 oversized b&w pages of pencil artwork for $15 ($20 with priority shipping), and also include some guest art from the recent pin up contest and even an unused Jim Mahfood cover art!! Woo hoo!
I think this is the best sketchbook yet!

For you creator types out there, the sketchbooks are printed up by the fine folks at Blue Line Pro Graphix, and I highly recommened their printing services, as they've always been top notch all around! Check out their printing info HERE

And of course the big one, the best event of the comic book year, San Diego Comic Con is only 2 months away!!


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