Sunday, May 07, 2006


Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, and the fine folks at the Beaverton Thing From Another World (my local comic shop chain) invited me down for the event. Instead of creating a new book to give away, I just had issue one available for free while I was in the shop, and things were hopping.

I must admit, it was my first time at a shop on FCBD (what is this year 4 or 5 of the event?), and I was pleasantly surprised to see many kids, and people who don't normally make it into a comic store. All of my perceptions of the event were that it kind of had deviated from it's initial intent as an outreach to NEW customers into an event that EXISTING customers took advantage of, like a customer appreciation day. So, there's some hope that it is serving the original intent more than I thought...

Anyway, I gave away a ton of books (but not to the kids, as Super Real is not for them) in the 3 hours I was there, and met a lot of cool people. It was a good time, and I'm glad I did it!

Thanks to everyone who took a copy of the book and gave it a chance!
And thanks to James and the crew down at Things From Another World!!
If you're in the Portland area, stop into any one of their great shops, they are a top notch comics retailer (and are online too).

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