Tuesday, July 11, 2006


A couple weeks back now, I had another 4 day weekend camp trip. The first trip, I just brought comics, and plowed through about 45, but this trip I brought some work too, and only got through a handful of books.

Here's what I read:

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 0 - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Probably the best show on TV, and the comic maintains the strong writing with Pak, and the art is very impressive. This looks to be a great compliment to the show!

GREEN LANTERN CORPS 1 - RECOMMENDED: I'm not a GL fan (or even DC really), but I do love super hero sci-fi when it's done with a contemporary flare. Since DNA and crew left Legion of Superheroes I've bailed on that, and I love Gleason's art, but hadn't seen him on a book that interests me... so GLCorps looked to be a good fit. And so far, so good. A really strong first issue, that has me anxious for more, all around.

X-STATIX PRESENTS: DEAD GIRL 5 - MILDLY RECOMMENDED: Huge fan of X-Statix, really liked some of the earlier issues of this, but it just seemed to be a ho-hum finish. Fun overall, but not really an X-Statix book, and not really that great (besides the art).

BATMAN & ROBIN 4 - MILDLY RECOMMENDED: I'm enjoying this story, and take on Batman. Not loving it, but enjoying it.

SKYE RUNNER 2 - NOT RECOMMENDED: I like Garza's art, but so far on this title it's a bit off overall (still pretty to look at though), and the story is passable, but I'm not thrilled by anything.

LOCAL 5 - MILDLY RECOMMENDED: Now that we've settled into the direction this series is heading, I'm still really enjoying it. If only for the unique, quiet, thoughtful, character driven excellence of it's author (and Kelly is impressive too).

BLACKGAS 3 - MILDLY RECOMMENDED: This one really saved the series for me. It's really better off as a short OGN than a mini. Nothing new here as far as zombie fair, but solid when looked at overall. I'm on board for the sequel.

THE LEXIAN CHRONICLES 1-5 - RECOMMENDED: I'd been anxious to check these out as they featured the artwork of Inaki Miranda, who'd caught my eye on a previous APC/Markosia book... Turns out Lexian is an adaptation of a fantasy novel, and it's broad story is fun to watch unfold. Good stuff.

WOLVERINE ORIGINS 2-3 - MILDLY RECOMMENDED: I've never been a fan of Wolverine solo books, love the character, but since his first mini, and the brief Eric Larsen run, I've never found his solo outing too intriguing. But since this was tied to Origin, thought I'd check it out. I'm still on the fence, I enjoy it alright, but not wild about it. I'd have canceled with these except for the upcoming Wolvie VS Cap... gotta check that out!

BATMAN YEAR 100 2-4 - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Loved the first issue, and these were also a treat. I'm a huge Paul Pope fan, so hopefully the profile of this book will bring him more deserved attention. Great story, some really fun moments, and of course incredible art/storytelling. The climax was a tad low key for me, but it's an otherwise stellar work.

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