Wednesday, July 26, 2006

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Adam Warren Returns!

One of the brief times I was on the con floor during open hours at San Diego Comic Con, I found myself by the Antarctic Press booth and swung by looking for Ryan Kinnaird, I love his work and have always wanted to pick up one of his sketchbooks...
Anyways, I saw a Kinnaird sketchbook so I glanced up to see if the gentlemen behind the table was him, I was pleasantly surprised to find a badge that said "Adam Warren"... Adam is only one of my all time favorite creators. Not only is his artwork inspiring and a ton of fun, but the man can seriously write, with ideas by the page and dialogue that's up there with the best of them. His Livewires from Marvel last year was a sheer delight, and his back catalog includes some of my all time favorites!

My point?

Oh yeah, he mentioned EMPOWERED when I asked what the heck he's been doin... turns out he's written ad drawn a few 100 pages that are due out next year from Dark Horse (lucky bastards), and I just discovered that Newsarama had a nice write up on it last week HERE

Check it out.
I can't wait!

Oh yeah, and I was so glad to talk with Adam, I totally forgot to snag a Kinnaird sketchbook... Maybe next year!

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