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Okay, it's official, ARRRGHHHH! There I said it... as I've alluded to and danced around, issue three of Super Real is in the midst of a delay, and I've not spoken publicly as to the reasons why. Mainly, because at first, there were many, and I thought things would be resolved weeks ago, but also because I'm reliant on my distributor to work out a promotion I'd wanted to set up, and it's that factor that's now strung the release out far past where I thought possible, and has me completely and utterly frustrated.

I've kept from talking about it here, because on one hand it's business, and not something anyone but me really needs to know, but on the other, that's why I've created this forum, to share insights for the many of you out there working towards the same path I'm on. So I've decided to speak about it, while trying to also do it in as calm and nice a way as possible.

Basically, let me just say that I'm really struggling with Diamond on this situation, and I hope it's resolved soon. Just know that if you are a small press publisher, working with Diamond, in my experience so far, working with them on things outside the standard process can be rather challenging. I’m sure this is compounded by the fact that my rep recently changed, and you’ve got a new publisher (me) working with a new comics rep.

So, where does the book stand? (sans full details on the issues holding it up, as well as details of the promotion... because, folks, that's still not a done deal as far as I can tell...)
Well read on in the next section…


At this point all signs point to the fact that issue 3 will be available for order adjustments via retailers as of 7/12, with those orders due on 7/21, and a new PO being issued to me by 7/25.

If I hold off on printing till receipt of the PO, which I may or may not do, that would make the earliest date the book could hit the shops as Wednesday, August 9th.

Hopefully, the promotion I've worked to set up, which has caused the weeks long limbo with Diamond, will also work out, and I'll have details on that once it's confirmed by the end of the week. As I opted to push the book past late June via order adjustment, not for my schedule, but in the effort of a further promotional push since it was already past it's initial release of late May.

So, again, the bottom line is, for now, August 9th appears to be the release date on issue 3, and I will have more details one way or another by weeks end!


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