Monday, July 03, 2006

Superman anyone?

Any TSL'ers see Superman Returns yet?

I'm hoping to go today...
I'm not a huge Supes or Singer fan, but I do like both, and I'm excited to see it. Looks like if nothing else, there will be some INCREDIBLE effects!
I've tried to avoid most of the reviews etc till after I've seen it, but I've heard that it received very favorable critical response.

Let me know what you all thought!


Jason Berek-Lewis said...

I haven't seen this yet, either. While I haven't read a Superman comic since my childhood, the earlier Christopher Reeves movies (Superman: The Movie and Superman II) remain among my favourite ever films. If Superman Returns manages to capture even some of that excitement, then it should be a pretty good movie. I am hoping to see it this weekend.

Jason Martin said...

very good

I loved those movies as a kid, but was never a nut for it/him/them

they were epic though (specially that one with Richard Prior!)


I'll be interested to hear what you think... we did see it. I'll post on it in a bit!

be sure and stop by here with your thoughts! (and don't forget to post on the contest thread!)

Javier Hernandez said...

Well, since you already saw it, Jason, I'll tell ya what I thought...

I thought it was great to see Superman back on the screen again, what with the whole new reign of the superheroes on the silver screen the last several years. And of course, they had no shortage of money and technology to dazzle us with special effects.


But I think the two biggest problems I had was introducing the fact that Superman has a kid! The main reason being that the filmmakers are introducing a major stroy element into the mythology before the comics do. And the idea that we have to see that kid (something about long-haired 5 year olds annoys me!) and deal with his reprocussions in any sequels doesn't endear me to a new Supes series.

The other element I found distracting was Luthor's scheme. Create his own continent? I know in the original films Luthor had 'an affinity for real estate' but this doesn't seem to fly today. Especially after seeing him knife Superman in the back with that piece of Kryptonite. They tried to make Luthor a more deliberatley evil villian (which is fine) but to have him pull off another real estate swindle doesn't work for me. And the ending with him and Parker Posey on that tiny island seems to come from another movie.

Routh makes a good Superman, but I found their Lois Lane, and Perry White for that matter, weak replacements for Margot Kidder and Jackie Cooper.

I'll tell ya something, if they make a sequel, they really out to think about giving Supes a superpowered adversay to get into a couple of fist fights with! Flying around for 2 hours catching planes and throwing things seems like a lot of missed oppurtunities.

I will say this though: when the film started, and the Superman logo appeared and the classic theme blasted, the audience cheered! You really get the sense that Superman is really one of the most beloved and poplular icon we have in the world, nevermind his status as the world's oldest comic book superhero.

Oh, and the Spider-Man 3 trailer nearly brought the house down with the thunderous applause...!!