Thursday, December 07, 2006


Hey folks,

Early 2007 is shaping up to be a busy time for me...
As you know, the first ever Super Real Special hits comic shops in February.
Well, today I just submitted issue 4 to Diamond for the February Previews for products shipping in April (I'm tentatively working towards a bi-monthly schedule of sorts for next year, more details on that soon).
Also, I just confirmed I'll be taking part in my first work outside Super Real, and first work published by someone else! I don't want to say anything at this point, because things are still a bit early, but I'll have more info soon. It's going to be really cool, and out in around April as well.
If that weren't enough, I'm firming up my early 07 convention schedule, and will be again doing the west coast shuffle through March and April...
I've confirmed an artist alley space at Wondercon in San Francisco on 3/2-3/4, which should be along with my bud Randy Kintz from the local area (if he gets his act together and turns in his app ;).
I'm also going to be arranging an artist alley space at Wizard World LA on 3/16-3/18, which will hopefully be alongside my good friend Javier Hernandez (I hope)!
And then, I've already submitted my application for Emerald City Comicon in Seattle on 3/31-4/1.
Hope to see some friendly faces!!

Also, while arranging space at Wondercon I was told that San Diego Comic Con is already completely sold out... as of like ages ago. Although, the exhibits manager wasn't in, so I'm hoping I can talk to him next week and get some better news... grrrrrrrrr
Stupid shows selling out way too early... first New York Comicon, now this!!

Anyway, I've been posting on DeviantArt lately, and haven't shared here, so thought I'd add a link for that as well.
I just recently put up the preliminary cover art for issue 4 over there, you can check out, as well as doing some daily sketches recently of random comic characters, and sharing the crude sketches for the villains from the Super Real Special... CHECK IT OUT MAN!!!!

Super Real 4 cover A you pick by *jasinmartin on deviantART

That should do it for now,

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