Thursday, March 01, 2007

SUPER REAL NOTES - Wondercon this weekend

I take off early Friday AM for San Francisco and my second stint at the fabulous bay area show WONDERCON organized by the fine folks of Comic-Con International.

This year I'll be in artist alley - space AA61

Just look for my spiffy new banners...
Ooh la la!
I splurged and I'll be rockin Super Real in front of giant Mahfood, Howard, Sevilla artworks!!!
(Take a peek at the test run pic on the side!)

Please stop by if you're at the show!
I'll be sketching and selling all copies of the book, including a handful of advance copies of the SUPER REAL SPECIAL #1!!!!!!
That's right, I've got my hands on the first copies of the new issue!
(For those that already have preorders in, have no fear, I'll get those shipped upon my return Monday)Be there!
(Don't forget, if you can't be there, you can pick up any and all - and I do mean all - items in the website store)


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joeldanford said...

Those are sweet, Jason!! Good luck at the Con!!