Thursday, April 19, 2007

I SAW IT ON TV: Lost no more

Despite views to the contrary, and waning interest, I think Lost is beginning to hit on all cylinders again.
Sure they've stretched things out, and had some really weak moments, but as we swing towards season finale time, the show is getting much better.
Last nights episode was a great one, thanks I'm sure to the writing debuts of one Brian K Vaughan, so, if you're still getting your Lost on, you must check out the Entertainment Weekly episode wrap-ups. They're filled with much more than a play-by-play of the episodes, and delve into the subtext of one of the densest shows on TV, highlighting all the little elements that tell what ultimately is going on, and build what potentially may come.
They're very smart, and a great addition to the experience of following the show.

Check out the latest wrap up HERE

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