Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Saw GRINDHOUSE on Friday night but didn't have a chance to finish my fan art til this afternoon...

Needless to say, the movie was incredibly awesome, and chocked full of great imagery and characters to inspire countless pinups etc, if only I had the time. I did at least get my take on Cherry Darling, the go-go dancer turned machine-gun-legged zombie killer heroine, from Robert Rodriguez's PLANET TERROR, finished though!

If you haven't seen the film yet, what are you waiting for?!?
It's a great moviegoing experience, and two great films!!
I hope to see it again, and hopefully at a drive-in!!!

THE BEAT's Heidi MacDonald had a great review and feminist POV on the whole thing with comic's noteables getting active in the comments HERE
And of course AINTITCOOL.com have tons of reviews and coverage HERE


clayholio said...

Man, that movie was ridiculously great. Nice drawing of Cherry, too!

Jason Martin said...

Thanks Clay-man!

Yeah, I dug the hell out of those movies!!!

Which was your fave?
I have a tuff time deciding (may need, know, I know I need another viewing... let's go!)

clayholio said...

I'm game for another viewing!

I think I liked Death Proof a little better - the last half hour rocked so hard. But then again, it didn't have a girl with a gun for a leg or a pocketbike zombie hunter. It really is a tough call...

Jason Martin said...

Tough call indeed!

To your point, yes, QT's ending is GONZO!!! and of course the build up is nice etc etc, but RR's is insane from the first frame... and yes, chocked full of sooooo many nice quirky touches!!!

Perhaps we should set up a viewing...
I know I'm watching the Newberg drive-in to see if it comes there (99w.com), in the next coming weeks, but I'd be down for another go at the theater!!

hcnoel said...

Great artwork!
Now I gotta make one too!
I hope they DON'T end up splitting the movies in two though :(

Jason Martin said...

Hey Howie... be seein ya in 2 weeks my man!
Can't wait.

Also would love to see your take on Cherry... :)

I do want to see the full versions of each (I think I read/heard PT was cut by around 15 minutes, and DP was cut by around 30-45 minutes), but I don't think they should release them to theaters that way.
It sucks that they just gave up after the week opening, I haven't seen a lick of marketing since then...
It was just terrible scheduling to open on Easter weekend.
Oh well.