Friday, April 20, 2007


Got to see GRINDHOUSE for the second time last night, it was as much of a treat as the first time, the damn thing throws so much cool shit at you, a second viewing is practically mandatory (or third, fourth, etc).

It's visual nirvana.
The thing I really keyed in on the second time was the soundtrack. Both RR's Planet Terror score, masterful 80's synth echoing that blistering theme throughout, and of course QT's best soundtrack since the remarkable Pulp Fiction collection. I bought the Death Proof soundtrack, and can attest it's really great (I'll have to pick up the Planet Terror too).

So speaking of visual nirvana, and my obsession with all things Grindhouse, here's a collection of fan arts for the movie/s, complete with links to the creators. A fine assortment of interpretaions of the films array of inspiring and iconic characters!!!

Please share any cool one's you've seen that I might have missed!

First, we have a selection of CHERRY DARLING's:

Josh Howard

Cameron Stewart

Grant Gould

Cristian Navarro


And then we have some of the other characters:

Machete by Carlos Lerma
Quite possibly my favorite!

The Babysitter Twins by Don Ramon Sierra

Dakota (aka Doctor Block) by Cameron Stewart
I just love how Cameron captured sooo much about the character here!!

Lee (aka The Cheerleader girl) by HC Noel

Also, be sure and check out this great GRINDHOUSE FAN SITE on MYSPACE (and not just because they made my fan art their avatar ;)

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