Thursday, July 26, 2007

SDCC 07 update 2: Preview night gridlock

Wednesday/preview night at San Diego Comic-Con 2007 was much like 2006... packed!

Click for a look at the finished Heroes booth, as you can see it's meant to be Isaac's loft, complete with floor mural, and the Tim Sale paintings from the show (I assume they're prints)... and some of the crowds outside the hall Wednesday afternoon.

As with last year, what used to be the one night one could comfortably walk the floor, was just like every other day of the con, wall to wall people. Many people complained that the main floor (the media/big booth center of the con) was an aisle to aisle wall of people.

Meanwhile in small press, sales were slow, as usual for any preview night/first day of a show. No worries there. I did sell quite a few things, and catch up with many many friends.

The buzz on the floor so far, at least at my table where my sketchbook and prints sport Grindhouse/Cherry Darling images, is that there's apparently an actual amputee model dressed up as Cherry at one of the booths...

I'll have to investigate and bring back photographic evidence today! (stay tuned)

In the meantime, here's some photographic evidence of what the studios want you to be talking about, the 300 DVD...
Not only does Dark Horse have stacks of 300 Spartan shields (with the DVD release date emblazoned in all it's glory), the studio has even gone so far as to have mobile billboards cruising the streets (something I've not seen here before)!

Here's the back of the Marvel booth, a giant blow up of the massive recent X-Men 200 wrap-around cover art from David Finch (sorry for the crap pics, I need a new digital camera!)

After looking over today's program, the only panel I'd like to see is the Lost Season 4 panel with show runners Lindelof and Cuse discussing the new season, series finale buildup, and season 3 DVD (and surprises oh my!).

So, I'm off to catch the Sheraton Suites green route shuttle and tool around the hall looking for items like Paul Pope's THB preview book, and maybe the Jason Pearson Body Bags preview... not to mention the millions of items I've forgotten or don't know about yet, before the doors open!



Edward Pun said...

Cool! Your coverage is great... just like being there. :)

Jason Martin said...

Cool, that was the goal, but, as things tend to do at SDCC, they got busy busy busy, so I'll have to update the rest, post con...