Friday, August 24, 2007

I SAW IT ON TV: summer roundup

Things have been so busy lately, I haven't had time to blog...
So, I'll try and touch on everything outside the realm of Super Real in the coming weekends (the upcoming weeks are reserved for behind-the-scenes material on the upcoming book)!

First up, here's some of the TV we've been watching this summer...


Now three episodes in, this SCI-FI series is a decidedly vanilla, low budget affair.
The magic of the campy, fairly adult but goofy 80's movie romp that made me a Flash fan is barely found in the TV show. Nor the pure sci-fi action I vaguely recall from the cartoon series of the same era.

This new series settles into an Earth based drama, where "Flash" must try and continuously find portals to Mongo to eventually rescue his long lost father. Cue episodes of things coming to Earth one at a time and wreaking low grade havoc that's wrapped up by show end, and repeat. With questionable casting (most notably Ming and anything that passes for a villain) and horrible sets and costumes.

Yet somehow, I still find it mildly entertaining, certainly more for what it could be than what it is.


Take one aging punk rock icon, apply his ever honest approach to all things real in life, and give him a show where he shares his views, sits down with an interesting and often iconic guest, and then showcases incredible musical acts you've either never heard of, or that no one else has.

Makes for a great counter culture show, that's so real and honest, you wish everything had the same spirit and craft.



Almost set to wrap up it's first season, Concords is the most original and fresh show on TV since Curb Your Enthusiasm, or any other HBO standout. Bret and Jemaine are two Kiwi's (New Zealenders) struggling to make it as a band in NYC. It's a half hour comedy with zany characters and deadpan humor, mixed with musical comedy. Yes, musical comedy skits. The boys break out into song according to the direction of any given episode, aping a style that suits it. Which makes for some often hilarious, and wholly original viewing.

The first couple episodes are gold, then you catch the formula, and the repetitive jokes, and the next couple episodes are a bit flat, but from there they get better and better. It's one of the best things on TV!



Deadwood ended abruptly, and it's creator, David Milch, moved on with this surf-centric San Diego tale, that replaces an old west town and it's grimy cast, with a seedy SD burg and a dysfunctional family and their neighbors. It's often forced, Milch's trademark dialogue is far better suited for an old west saloon, then modern society, at least when everyone is given to spout the trademark cursing flourishes. Some of the actors, actual surfers, can be downright bad, and the whole things a bit out there, but darn if it wasn't mostly fun. (Not to mention, half of the huge ensemble cast were from Deadwood too.)

Too bad it won't be back for season two.


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