Monday, August 27, 2007

IN CASE U MISSED IT: SDCC 07 attendance

With San Diego Comic-Con International growing larger and larger, and with rumors of numbers being up to around 140-150k at this year's event, along with unprecedented sellouts, the general consensus was that the show had grown again considerably from 06 to 07.
Not so, according to and the show's organizer, David Glanzer...
Let's get to what everybody wants to talk about - the numbers. What was attendance like at Comic-Con in 2007?

We actually just got our numbers in and the number is 125,000 individuals.

Interesting. Considering people were bandying about numbers like 140,000+ over the weekend, I think that number is going to surprise a lot of people.

I think you're right. We're very meticulous about our numbers. We made sure to get rid of duplicates and make sure that the people who are counted are people who actually attend the show. Remember, one person who attends 4 ½ days is only counted once. It's a very large facility and 125,000 people is a lot of people. Last year we had about 123,000, so we saw a little increase this year. We're very meticulous about our numbers.

Do you have any idea how many of those were exhibitors and how many were press?

Exhibitors was about 9,000 and I don't have the break down for press, but the preliminary numbers we had look to be about 3,000 press.

Another prevailing rumor about the con is that, due to the overcrowding, it must be moving, Anaheim, Vegas, somewhere? Soon?
Again, nope...
One of the perennial rumors following the close of a Comic-Con show is how the show is too big for the San Diego Convention Center, it's reached capacity - which you have - and you're fleeing San Diego the following year for another city that can handle your growing needs. So, to put those rumors to rest, remind us again how long you're contracted with the San Diego Convention Center.

We've contracted through 2012.

So there you have it, Comic-Con International will be in San Diego way off into the far flung future. Check out the whole article though, as they address other big questions like panel space, hotel space, and pedestrian traffic to and from the con.
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