Thursday, August 23, 2007


Things will be kicking into high gear after a spell of con and family travel the past few weeks.

San Diego and Chicago con were best evers, and the next book SUPER REAL VS THE MOVIE INDUSTRY #1 (the sequel special), a double-sized full color outing, hit's the Previews catalog next week!

The Wednesday 8/29 September Diamond Previews catalog for books shipping in November will include solicitation for ordering on the all new issue, as well as a collected set of the previous four issues.

I've talked on here before about the special, and will resume behind-the-scenes previews for that next week, but I haven't talked before about the collected set. Retailers and customers can order all four issues of Super Real (issues 1-3, and the first special - Super Real VS the Comic Book Industry) for the one time low price of $9.99. This set will come with a new wraparound poster and ship at the same time as the new book.
I really wanted to do a collected edition or trade, since we've published the first half of the story, to give new readers a shot at the series, but having printed the regular series in full color, I've had to print beyond Diamond orders on every issue, and still have inventory for every issue. As much as I'd love to print-to-order and announce sellouts for each issue, I instead print well beyond what gets initially distributed in order to afford full color printing, and also have stock for reorders, and direct (con/web) sales. So, instead of rendering my inventory useless by collecting the first issues in a new release, I've offered them all together, at a lower price, to hopefully entice retailers and customers to give them a shot if they haven't. Make sure and tell your friends to pick up the sets if they haven't checked out the book yet!

Both the new Special, which will feature a story written by and illustrated by myself and four guest artists (including featured artist Josh Howard), plus a hot variant cover by Jonboy Meyers, and the new collected set will share a half page ad in the Previews catalog. Additionally, there will be some ads in Comic Shop News (the weekly newspaper that comic shops give away), on, and hopefully some podcasts.

So, like I said, look for things to heat up for Super Real starting next week, and keep building steam as we resume the regular series and get the book back on the stands on a more regular basis!

Check back Monday for the first of many production updates for the new special, sharing character designs, page roughs, pencils and more from what's sure to be the best issue yet!!



Jason Berek-Lewis said...

Pod casts will be cool - then I will get to know what you sound like!!

Jason Martin said...

Well, I'd think they're promo material read by the production of the podcast, but I don't really listen to podcasts myself, so dunno.

Sound like I might get a Previews spotlight from the Comic Geek Speak guys, which would be cool, and that might be me blabbing (but they already did a brief interview of me at Pittsburgh Con)...

But yeah man, you're missing out, I'm a regular Barry White up in here! :D