Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SUPER REAL NOTES - New Special in Previews tomorrow!

When you pop into the comic shop tomorrow for your weekly visit, be sure and pick up the current issue of Diamond Comics Distributor's PREVIEWS catalog, September 2007 (volume 17 number 11), as it offers the brand new issue of Super Real - SUPER REAL VS THE MOVIE INDUSTRY SPECIAL in the comics and graphic novels section, page 347, as a spotlight item for release November 2007.

Solicitation copy reads:
It’s time for another over-the-top special featuring our made-for-reality-TV super-powered cast in an over-sized, 48 page, full color book, featuring amazing guest artists (including JOSH HOWARD – Dead@17, Lost Books of Eve), and our 5 reality show participants in situations from popular movies we all know and love! A great way to check out this COMICS BUYER’S GUIDE Indy Pick of the Month title!!

Features: Jason Martin (writer/artist), Josh Howard (Dead@17), Dennis Budd (Consumed, Model Operandi), Dan Mendoza, Jerry Gaylord, and more.

50/50 variant cover by Jonboy Meyers (Danger Girl, Ninja Scroll, Necromancer)

48 pages, full color, $4.99
Diamond Order Code - SEP07 3951

That's right, this is a full color, double-sized issue, and beyond the 4 guest artists, and fab Jonboy cover, there are a slew of other guest artists working on jam and pinup sections (with more surprises I'm not spilling on)!

It's our entire genetically enhanced cast dropped onto Vancouver, Canada studios, where they must survive a gauntlet of challenges based on popular movies... Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Tarantino, zombies, and dare I say more... you name it!! Tune in and find out!

This issue will be incredible!!!

Preorder your copies now!
What's that?
You want the ordering info again?!? :)
Diamond order code SEP07 3951

Tune in tomorrow for the start of our behind-the-scenes peek at everything that goes into this mega-issue!!! (and click the "Super Real Special" label below for past tidbits)

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