Monday, November 19, 2007

IN CASE U MISSED IT: Wizard Texas panels I wish I saw

Interesting con wrap up on Blog@Newsarama for this past weekends Wizard World Texas. I had a few friends at the show, a couple for the first time, so I'm anxious to here how they did, and their take on it (it's the only Wizard show I haven't done, and I'm not too impressed with their other shows).

Mainly of note, are some panel roundups...
One with the actress Laura Vandervoort from Smallville who plays Supergirl... something about her, and that role (I really like the character Supergirl), she seems like the perfect fit (almost makes me want to watch the show for the first time since it's series debut)... I also would put her on the short list to star in the movie version of Super Real!

But even better, there were some cool notes/quotes from the Michael Golden comics storytelling panel! Yowza!! To have attended that!!
Mr. Golden is my favorite all time comic artist (I picked up Micronauts #7 off the spinner rack all those years ago, and he did the first 12 issue run there plus many covers, as well as covers on another childhood favorite, ROM Spaceknight, and a single issue of Star Wars that was my favorite of that lengthy run!), and the only creator I geeked out and went fanboy on, waiting at his table to get signatures at this years Emerald City Comic Con!!

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Howie said...

Ah...Supergirl. She is a hottie! I'm still watching the show, even though having Lana with Lex destroyed most of what was innoncent inside me. If you do start watching again, just realize that this time Lana will ruin the relationship between her and Clark. Because now she's evil. I don't get it either.

Jason Martin said...

Ha ha, yeah right, as if you had any innocence ;)

Howie said...

That's true but dammit they need to leave Lana alone! Or just have her go swimming again like in that episode from season 1 or 2 with the evil Kryptonite flower thingie. MMmmm...Lana swimming :)