Monday, June 08, 2009

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Haven Distribution's COMICS! catalog

For all you comic book fiends out there, just want to spread the word... Diamond is cool and all that, but Haven Distribution is an alternative distributor that now has a new catalog that offers independent comics as an option to just Diamond via comic book shops.

The first issue of the new catalog, Comics!, came out recently, and you may be able to see one via your local shop, or order one, but they're also available via the Haven website, either as a free download/online or order your own print copy.
Check it out HERE

There is a lot of really cool stuff in there that you either miss via Diamond, or isn't offered by them at all... and because of that, there's a lot of oddball stuff in there too (like my stuff, lol), but if you're a fan of books outside the big publishers, you need to check this out!

I'm saying this as a fan of comics, not as a sales pitch.
Sure my stuff is listed in it, but so could yours, and that's what's cool. It's a level playing field, and a way to check out a much wider selection of books.
Sure, it's cool to see the latest and greatest professionally polished corporate offerings, but we all know the underground, the alternative, is where the really exciting and cool stuff can happen!

Check it out... NOW!!!
(And spread the word!!!)

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