Tuesday, June 02, 2009

SUPER REAL NOTES: Graphic Novel new colors

When I started to setup Super Real in one graphic novel collection, I knew right away, that with the collected format being in color, there was an opportunity to go back and colorize our first special, Super Real VS The Comic Book Industry, as it was originally printed in black and white. However, I also knew, with everything else that needed done, I wouldn't have time to color the pages myself. Even though, since it featured 4 sequences by guest artists Jim Mahfood, The Boo, Daniel Campos, and Edward Pun, it would've been a lot of fun to color all those different artists. So, I asked a couple folks if they were interested, and decided to try putting out an open call to the DeviantArt.com community, for the remaining sections.

Over the next few days, I'll share some of the newly colored pages here, starting with the three folks who were kind enough to submit color samples for the two open sections (by Daniel, and Ed). As you'll see, I found some cool artists, and I really appreciate them taking the effort to try out for a non paying gig like this.

Today I'll show our first selection, by Oliver Lee Arce, and his colors over Daniel Campos' first page from the special...

A side by side comparison, from inks, to colors, and letters...

As you can see, his colors really bring the page to life, and also are full of unique touches. Very nice!

If anyone else wants to play with colors on the pages, feel free, just click on the ink image, and let me know so I can post your results here (just remember the slots for the book are already filled!).

Tune in tomorrow, and we'll share the two submissions we got for Edward's section, and then after that, some of the cool colors provided by friends!


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