Thursday, February 03, 2011

ARTWORK: Brock/new Venture Bros fan art - WIP

Ever since I did the Molotov Cocktease fan art in early 2009, it's been one of my most popular pieces. Both catching the attention of Cartoon Network (and being used in their 2010 calendar), as well as drawing the most attention at comic shows. Venture Brothers fans are many, and they are passionate.

So, being a fan of the show myself (though admittedly, lacking in much viewing), and with the response Venture Bros art garners, for the longest time I've intended to do more fan art for the Bros. I've even known exactly what I was going to do... an homage/swipe of Frazetta's classic Conan image, but themed around Brock (see a couple posts earlier for the reference artwork I'm using). It was just a matter of finding the time to work on it...

Well with convention season rolling around again, and my schedule more open during the winter months, I was finally able to start work on it. I've finished the roughs for the piece, and have scanned those in and plan to resize them and create a finished pencil illustration at a larger size.

We'll see if I actually get the larger size to work out, or if I'll just clean it up at the smaller size, as I've found that I like to work increasingly smaller to get the best out of my work. But for now, here are the rough lines for it!
As you can see, Brock himself needs a bit of work yet, and that I've added Dr Mrs the Monarch and Molotov Cocktease to the layout, flanking Brock's legs - actually combining two different, but similar Conan works, but still mainly the classic Frazetta. You'll also notice that I've reversed Molotov's eyepatch... by accident. I really liked the way her face was coming out, so I didn't rework it. We'll see if I can switch that in the final line work, or if I'll make an artistic choice and leave her with the patch on the opposite eye (I considered reversing the entire image, but then it deviates from the original Frazetta homage).

I hope to have this finished in time for the upcoming Emerald City Comicon (next month)! So stay tuned for updates...

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