Wednesday, February 01, 2012

More and more

So yeah, last week I posted about the upcoming Fanboys VS Zombies comic, and how that was fairly close to a concept I'd been developing myself, and I lamented about missing out to other ideas beating mine to the punch. Since then the marketing of said zombie con concept has gone on, with double page ads in their books, and a full page ad in Previews... sigh. I just noticed something I hadn't before on their cover, that covers another story element of mine... double sigh.

Anyways, mentioned the book again earlier this week, but this time they linked to my previous blog post. So at least that's out there.

Not to mention, right after that happened last week, this image started floating around...
"'Falcon Girl' (Tank Girl / Star Wars)" T-Shirts & Hoodies by James Hance | RedBubble:

A Princess Leia mash-up with Tank Girl (and a great design too btw)... rather similar to an idea I had a while back, based on the popularity of my Molotov Cocktease fan art. Like I had done with Cherry Darling, I started dreaming up my own idea based on the character, and came up with this mash-up, to make my own...

Well, now there are other Leia mash-ups. Swell.
Again, likely just a good idea.
But who knows, this guy could've seen mine and thought up his own. His prerogative. After all, that's all I'd done.

Here's a look at a near finished version of of the artwork.
I plan to do more with her, including a likely shirt design.

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