Monday, October 22, 2012

Prometheus Blu-Ray

Got a chance to check out the PROMETHEUS Blu-Ray... and as you may recall, I was one of the few in the pro column for the film upon release.
Just like John Carter, I think Prometheus was an unfair victim of expectations and marketing.
So, as eager as I was to re-view the film (I had hoped to see it again in theaters, but never did), I was even more keen to see a longer cut, that sadly wasn't in the home release (at least for now). However, all of the deleted, extended, and alternate scenes are in the home version. Oh how I wish we had most of them in an alternate version of the film... about 2/3rds of what was cut, and nearly all of the alternate material improves upon the original. Especially the alternate extended ending that features more of the climactic encounter/s with the "engineer" (I'm not a fan of the alternate opening though). Not to mention, Fifield's attack on the crew in it's intended CG enhanced take is far superior to the traditional effects version.
For all those that write this off as a failure as an Alien film, feel it's inner logic is too flawed, or were looking for more action... I'm sorry you have those hang-ups, or feel that way. For me, it's a somewhat flawed gem of a sci-fi picture, that I absolutely love!

Now I'll just keep waiting for the alternate/extended cut/s...

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allen etter said...

I too enjoyed the blu ray release. I have a lot f blog friends who just hate it but my only complaint is the size of the Engineers since the Space Jockey was about ten or twelve feet tall.