Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FAN ART: The Walking Dead

After the popularity of my last cast fan art (Game of Thrones) I knew right away the show I'd like to do next, THE WALKING DEAD.

It's so much fun after watching a show you really like, to visualize the cast as you'd draw them, how they'd pose and look, and to put that together. Sure is a lot of work too, but at least there's a few less characters here then on Game of Thrones! ;)

So here are the characters I settled on, based around the first two seasons of the show...
Sophia, Carol, Daryl, Andrea, Shane, Rick, Lori, Carl, T-Dog, Glenn, and Dale

Sure (SPOILER ALERT!) some of them are dead by the end of those seasons, and there are a few newer ones I could have added, but they're the core group as I see it, through that period.

And as much as I like the show, I do have my qualms with it (mainly the wardrobe - generic 80's come K-Mart by way of the prairie, complete with logo-less sportswear... I'm looking at you Glenn!), but so far season 3 is off to an amazing start!

So, hopefully I'll return after this season with a new cast fan art.

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