Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meanwhile at the Movies... something big is coming...

I mean besides Avatar!

Some exciting genre/comic flicks on tap next year (Iron Man 2, Scott Pilgrim, Clash of the Titans), one of which is KICK ASS, the Matthew (Layer Cake, Stardust) Vaughn adaptation of the still ongoing Mark Millar/John Romita JR comic series.

I love me some Millar comics, and Wanted was huge, even though it was a mostly suck adaptation of the comic (changing super villains to assassins with a loom of fate?!?! plastique packing rats?!?), but Kick Ass seems to be shaping up far better, and much closer to the comics (a good thing)...

They've just released a clip featuring Nic Cage as "Big Daddy", training his daughter/sidekick, in what can be referred to as either a Gomorra-style method, or a straight up swipe from that film (the film being an epic true-to-life Italian modern day gangster/crime story). It does look good though -

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