Saturday, July 09, 2011

ARTWORK: Galaxgals Eradication sketch card sample

Been pretty quiet online lately... had issues with my PC and it was down for a couple weeks (my new 1 terabyte external drive seems to be the culprit... grrr). Busy ramping up for San Diego con in just over a week, but thought I'd share a preview from the just released 5finity sketch card series GALAXGALS ERADICTION...

Since the card series was open to space girls of any variety, I went ahead and did a special six card series of my very own space girl, HONEY BROWN (IN THE X DIMENSION), from Pulp Girls! Even styling the cards after the first trading cards I ever collected, the old school Topps Star Wars card series' from back in the day. I loved ripping into new packs of those and getting elusive cards I'd been missing, with all the cool shots from the movies, telling their stories. So, of the six cards, two are character shots, and four are story cards that tell her origin, all numbered and designed the same (as seen here).

I'll have a few artist exclusives here soon if anyone's interested (to put Honey Brown, or whomever you choose, as long as they're not copyrighted by someone else, on).

Oh! and the artwork on this card here is a swipe!!!
I stole the layout from the pages of the first part of Honey Brown as drawn by the amazingly talented Jerry Gaylord... so props to him!!

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